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violence. we will speak with colin goddard, who survived the shooting at virginia tech in 2007, and to poet professor nikki g rabbani, who taught the shooter in her class. >> if you are not concerned about gun violence, what are you concerned about? >> first, the u.s. death toll an event -- afghanistan tops 2000. we talk about america's longest- running war. all that and more coming up. this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. iran's currency has hit an all- time low amidst a worsening financial crisis brought upon by u.s.-led sanctions. on monday, the iranian rial dropped 15% to its lowest point against the dollar, capping a three-month contest that has seen its overall value drop 57%. the price of basic foods are on the rise since a new round of sanctions took place in july. a former u.s. ambassador to the un and under secretary of state thomas pickering criticized the act. it is not legal for them to pay for it. speaking to the council of foreign relations in new york, alioth parcel la hay says it has not backed away from its mountain of nuclea
kinds of pumped up. they improve to 2-0 in acc play. >>> other acc action today, virginia tech hosting duke. not a good start for the hokies. first quarter, logan thomas off the hands of tony gregory. intercepted, and he would return it 20 yards for the touchdown. duke was in front 20-0. you know virginia tech, they aren't going to go out that. they would rally with 41 straight points. the deficit was 4. j.c. coleman, he would go untouched. 45 yards for that score. coleman adds an 86-yard touchdown run. virginia tech rallied from 20- 0. they beat duke 41-20. >> don't go away, because coming up, rg3, he was knocked out of last weekend's game, but will he make a comeback against the vikings tomorrow? we'll hear from robert coming up next. stay with us. are you ready ? share everything by turning your smartphone into a mobile hotspot for up to 8 wifi-enabled devices at no extra charge. like the new droid razr m by motorola only $99.99. >>> welcome back. the redskins have a big job tomorrow, to snap a home losing skid. he has been listed officially as questionable to play. even though it
for him this season. >>> tarheels basketball coach roy williams on hand for the unc-virginia tech football game. a back and forth affair. hokies turned to rally. davis has got a 49-yard touchdown. ties the game at 14-14. second quarter, tarheels deciding to go for it on fourth and one. brent renner to bernard. the hokies' defense not prepared for this. one of two big runs for bernard on the day. 62 yards here to the end zone. unc wins 48-34. virginia tech has lost back-to-back games. stra tech hokies now 3-3. it's the first home victory for the tarheels over virginia tech since 1938. >> whoa! that's a long stretch. >> that's a long time. >> howard did win tonight 17-10. we have to add that score over florida a&m. >> almost as long as we've seen since the nats in the playoffs. >>> that's our news for tonight. "saturday night live" is next with james bond. have a great night, everyone. >> good evening from the magnus arena at the university of denver in denver, colorado. i'm jim lehrer, anchor of the pbs news hour on your local public broadcasting station. thank you
touchdown. clemson defeats virginia tech 38-17 and the hokeys have four losses by the end of october the first time since 1992. >>> maybe playing host to indiana, seeking a third straight win and over two minutes left. navy down 6. the freshman back to pass and this is hosting the hoosiers. indiana has time. the quarterback can't find an open receiver, steps up and has his pass intercepted and holds on to indiana, 31-30, and defeating the opponent the first time since 1979. >>> and in local scores, howard homecoming edges oregon state, 21-20 and georgetown on the road falls to colgate, 57-36. >>> and time for our first break in the show. coming up, dave ross has more on the redskins first division game and joins us from new york after the break. as governor, i cut five b billion dollars in spendg and balanced the budget every year. and tim kaine and i both cut our own pay as governors, to lead by example. mark warner and i reached across party lines to get things done. we were a great team in richmond and we'll be a great team in washington. i'm tim kaine and i approve this message .
today against virginia tech. thomas looking for tony gregory, loses it. going the other way, touchdown, duke up 20-0 in blacksburg. >> but? >> but the 3-3 hokies had enough. they cut the lead to 10 in the second quarter. thomas finds a wide-open marcus davis, 42-yard score. third quarter, thomas to j.c. coleman. finds a gap, he is gone. untouched for the half the field. 45 yards it was, a td run. virginia tech its first lead of the game. hokies score 41 unanswered and beat duke 41-20. >>> heisman helpful gino smith at number five west virginia visiting texas tech. red raiders leading 7-0 when seth doege hits eric warden back of the end zone. texas tech 14-0, upset alert. third quarter, red raiders up 35-7. doege far from done. a 29-yard scoring strike to darren moore. doege throws for six touchdowns, career high 504 yards as texas tech hands west virginia its first loss of the year. red raiders win 49-14. >>> howard falls to north carolina, [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. i need your help... i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup but she loved it so much... i told her
-10 and remain winless in acc play. >> virginia tech on the road against clemson. the play-action fake with plenty of time and he would find corey fuller. splits the tackle and finds the end zone 29 yards and that gives virginia tech an early 7- 0 lead and to the second quarter, the hokies are down 10- 7 and from that shotgun, overthrown and he outruns everyone. clemson defeats virginia tech 38-17, and the hokies have four losses by the end of october for the first time since 1992. >>> the redskins punter suffered a knee injury after jogging this week. the team was insure if he would kick against the giants. the team didn't add a puncher to the roster signaling he's more than healthy enough to go and he's more with dave ross. >> reporter: greetings from here in new jersey. the redskins have had recent success against the giants, winning both matchups. if the redskins can win for a third straight time, they will share the nfc east lead with a defending world champs. >> and that man goes to win the game, you know, first place, you know, it will be good and there is nothing to get out of
to be the chairman of virginia tech, and a professor here. behind us is a very lively and enthusiastic southwest virginia crowd filling the theater. we welcome them and we welcome all of you. not only across all of southwest virginia and the commonwealth, but coming to you nationwide on c-span. tonight is your opportunity to hear directly from the candidates, unfiltered and unedited. it is our hope that this will be a lively hour. one that will explore new ground and forces the candidates to really face the issues that are not only troubling here, but our entire country. you will be able to vote on november 6, making a more informed and educated decision. it is my honor to introduce them to you. in the interest of time, we have asked our audience to only -- to not applaud tonight. only at the end of the bay -- of the debate and at the beginning of the debate. the former governor and senator of virginia, george allen. [applause] now, the democrat in this race, from richmond, va., a former governor of virginia, tim kaine. [applause] i think i told you we have an enthusiastic crowd. we do. thank yo
. that will be held on october 18th on the virginia tech campus. there are running for webb's open seat. >> tonight, we have a metro service update. work on the red line is forcing trains to single track between judiciary square and fort totten. between stadium-armory and cheverly. "extend through closing monday because it is a holiday weekend. -- work will extend through monday. coming up on abc 7 news at 5:30, a drone shot down over israel. who are they blaming for the violation ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the first only the beginning. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ introducing a stunning work of technology. ♪ ♪ introducing the entirely new lexus es. and the first ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. >> war planes working to wage raids on lebanon. a drone crossed over from the mediterranean. it's not clear who launched it but many are blaming 11 on -- lebanon. venezuelans are heading to the polls in new orleans. these expatriates are lined up outside of the venezuelan consulate to cast their vote for the presidential election. people from all over are expected b
event in boston. >> democrat tim kaine and republican george allen squaring off at virginia tech in blacksburg. the two hoped to succeed incumbent democrat jim webb. polls show a very tight race between them. >> the county taking part in the national lights after-school day celebration at the johns hopkins campus and roberto clemente middle school in germantown to pay attention to the importance of safe, quality after-school programs for children. >> organizers with the the program in prince george's county on a mission to get teenagers to pull up their pants. >> what is the solution? it is to collect belts. >> on most days, his pants are down well below his waist. >> sometimes my pants do drop to the ground and i just pull them up. sometimes it happens. i'm so busy and not paying attention. >> he's like many young people who wear their pants lower than most. would like to most it >> we don't want to see that. it's underwear. >> community activists in prince george's county have a plan to counter this. the take charge project is holding a belt drive collecting used belts at 15 dr
-20. virginia tech hosting at duke. he throws it deep into markets davis. that makes the highlight reel for sure. he gets the kerry and he is gone. 24-20. no looking back. in the fourth, he is unbelievable. 86 yards for the touchdown. 41 unanswered points. 41-20. by now the dust has settled to another spring. many fans and analysts are still scratching their heads. =:piÑthe nets squandered a 6 ard lead. we have to bring it up. it all came down to pitching. they walked eight batters in the night. that ensured the cardinal win. johnson offered his condolences to the fans. >> i am sorry. we willÑi make it up to them net year. it was a fun ride. >> i am sorry we lost. that is not how i wanted my year to end, definitely. i'm not ready to go home. >> it is the best job when you are good at it and the worst job when you fail. &ñyou have to learn from it. >> the yankees hosting the of thein the bottom ninth. that is playoff baseball, ladies and gentlemen. it is gone. he ties the game at four and it now tied at the top of the tent. only the yankees. he passed all of his tests this week. against the vi
virginia tech, virginia and west virginia all with a bye this week. >>> d.c. downd: hoping <1-0r tz upth second spot in the east. they were visiting the chicago fire. d.c. was down 1-0 in the 50th minute. his teammate has the header. look at it again. see how low he gets for the header? and it ties the game, that is where they finish, so united is the number two seed in the east. they will face new york in the conference semis of the next weekend. >>> one score in the world series, you've heard about that, game three, the giants up 2-0 in the 9th sandyr looking to put the tigers in an 0-3 hole. >>> we're going to be joined tomorrow by chuck bell who's running in the marathon, and update sandy with you. >> another update real fast. we just had >>> this november, we the people of ohio will go to the polls and move this country forward. now it is my distinct honor to introduce the president of the united states. i wouldn't want his job, right? ladies and gentlemen, president barack obama. [ cheers and applause ]
for the family and saying prayers. >> the two hiker's met when they were in vet school at virginia tech. they had been planning for this trip for months, including our rigorous training plan. >> he was a gentle giant. we will keep our prayers'. >> we have prayer is not only for the family, but everyone looking for him. >> authorities out at glacier national park say there is 18 inches of snow in some of the higher elevations on the trail. but they do not believe the two men are mountain climbing. they are just hiking. family and friends are hoping that they just went someplace to get out of the gut -- out of the elements and they will be found soon. >> his wife is hoping that he will be found soon. hiser's wife is pregnant with their first job. >> isn't that nice weather? >> it feels good outside. >> let's get right to doug hill and the weather center and. >> hey leon, alison. we see clouds and a cold front. there is the futurescan. there is one final line of showers we are keeping an eye on. one is moving through colombia and just east of montgomery county. we have these two areas moving off. ov
-3. >>> virginia tech/unc. tar heels basketball coach roy williams getting love from the fans before the game. first quarter, unc up, a score, hokies driving logan thomas airs it out. marcus davis there with the catch. finds the end zone. 49 yards to pay dirt. tied at 14. second quarter, tar heels. deciding to go for it in four and one. the quick handoff to giovanni bernard, finds room. catches the hokies defense napping. doesn't happen often. bernard taking it 62 yards to pay dirt. unc up 21-14 and go on to win. tech lost back-to-back games now 48-34, losing count today. >>> virginia visiting duke, and the first start for the blue devil qb anthony boone, stumbling out of the gate. gets up, throws two first quarter touchdowns. second one here, 37-yard connection to connor vernon. the new receptions leader in acc history. 14-7 duke. calm down, jim. i know you're excited. first quarter, virginia. sticking to do the ground here. still hops, perry jones up and over ties the game at 14. duke pulls away from the second half. barreling in to the end zone from 11 yards out. it's 28-17 blue devils and
of virginia tech student morgan harrington. the 20-year-old was attending a metallica concert at the university of virginia campus in charlottesville. she was last seep trying to heat advisory a ride from passing traffic near the parking lot at 9:30 that night. harrington's remains were found in a remote field about three moater. police never made an arrest. they are asking anyone to come forward with any information. >>> coming up next, a look at the morning's other headlines. find out what controversial topic came up at last night's spreadial debate that led to president obama calling for an extension of a ban for the first time. >> also ahead, another deadly case of meningitis reported in our area as federal investigators continue to try to pinpoint what set off the outbreak. we are coming back in just a moment. investments, personally, about paid 14% in federal taxes, is that fair to the guy higher rate than you did? romney: "yeah, encourage economic growth." us. is that the way to grow america? this message. >>> making headlines, health officials report a second person ha
and improves to 4-2. >> and virginia tech hosting duke after trailing 20-0. they score 41 unanswered points capped off by this 86-yard touchdown run. he rushes for 183 yards. hoakies improve to 4-3 on the system, and all eyes on robert griffin iii today after suffering a concussion last week. he there have to be cleared by doctors one more time. he playing on playing the same aggressive style of football but will keep his safety in mind. >> i'm a tough guy, i kept that promise, and i don't have anything to prove. it's about getting the yards, and live to play another down. >> redskins and vikings kick off at 4:15 this afternoon. >>> the nationals disappointing finish hit one fan especially hard. he was alive the last time they had a series. he attened the 19246 world series when the senators defeated the giants. he says he really likes the nationals squad and really believes they have what it takes to win next year's world series. >> without getting rid of that talent. i know it's expensive, but the talent is made up over the five years of good players. >> he said he's going to turn 100 nex
. >> festival is put on by the virginia tech department and it's meant to promote the fun and excitement, they say, of the science and to raise funds for their future activities, including future bug fests. >> yikes. i'm glad totally fine with that. thanks for joining us this morning. we'll be back here tomorrow morning at 7:30. as we leave you this morning, check out the uc berkley band. they made a visit to our newsroom yesterday thrilling everybody who was in the office at the time. they are getting everybody excited for the big game at noon today. have a good saturday. ,,,,,, don't miss your chance to get sleep train's very best mattresses at the guaranteed lowest price. plus, pay no interest for 3 years on the best brand-name mattress sets. but hurry! the best rest event ends soon at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
. the former governors, they will take the stage at virginia tech 7:00 and you can watch it live on our website, we'll have more on that debate and what goes down tonight at 11:00. >>> we've got breaking news out of richmond, virginia. the state health commissioner has quit, quit over controversial new rules governing the abortion clinics. those rules were adopted just last month by the board of health, requiring the existing abortion clinics to meet the same construction standards as brand new hospitals. abortion rights advocates say that it will show a costly standard, forcing many clinics out of business altogether. >>> guess who is not following the law called the americans with disabilities act. the gang that passed that law. congress. and the violations, they all spilled out in a new workplace office of compliance. the report says that the sidewalks surrounding all three office buildings will be overwhelmingly not in line with the american for disability acts. bad news for anybody that uses a wheelchair. also in the report, a jump of the number of reported cases of the alleged
technology. >> reporter: the two candidates face on in they final debate in ten days at virginia tech. >> next month, voters in maryland will decide whether to legalize same-sex marriage. tonight, governor martin omaley at the federal hill grill in baltimore. they watched the monday night football game to raise money in support of gay marriage. the fundraiser comes on the same date as a new set of rules hit the air waves. >> well, the nationals had a tough, tough day. so it was not a clean sweep out there. >> reporter: yes, it's now going to be the best of three for the washington nationals. good news, all three are back here at nats park. so much history. this is george zimmerman smacking a single to right. he slides into home for the first one. bottom of the inning, not as good as at the plate. malina comes home and the cardinals take a 2-1 lead. >> reporter: all that right for the nationals in game one didn't in game two. the nationals fall 12-4 and the series fied at one game apiece. i didn't do my part. it kind of snowballs with the rerooefers, sometimes. and it's kind of what ha
at virginia tech in blacksburg, and we will be streaming is live on our website >>> in maryland, there will be a debate tonight for the sixth congressional district race. incumbent congressman ross company bartlet and his democratic challenger john delaney will go head to head. and it's occurring at the hagerstown community college in the keppler auditorium. it begins at 7:00 p.m. >>> let's turn to the presidential campaign. president obama and mitt romney are both making a big push for women's vote in the final days of their campaign. danielle nottingham has more. >> reporter: president obama headed to man chaser, new hampshire this morning to rally supporters and sway undecided voters of the the president and republican challenger mitt romney are both making a push for women's votes in the final weeks of the campaign. >> this is a presidency that has not helped america's women. as i go across the country and ask women what can i do to help, what they speak about day in and day out is help me find a good job. >> reporter: recent polls show romney making gains with women voters,
with his colleague neal pecker. both met a decade ago at virginia tech. and by days air teams searched for the men. and at 3:30 mountain time both have been found alive. they are back with their families and we should find more details about their 17- mile adventure in 18 inches of snow. >>> maryland student beaten after a duke game back in 2010. well the trial occurred today. now the first thing prosecutors did was show the video. they had prince george police officers overused their power. they could have agitated the crowd. the officers maintain the force they use was approved by their own commanders. >>> and circles on putaps co avenue paint the final seconds of a 41-year-old's life when a patrol car with siren blaring was responding to a shooting call when the man was struck in the road and killed. a witness who didn't want to aappear on -- appear on camera tells us what happened. >> they didn't want the sirens going all the way up on jacks street because there's been shootings. they were doing about 90. >> police are propertying a com- - propertying promise -- promising a complet
. >> just this much short. >> virginia tech lost to clemson twice last year, they came in extra fired up for a road upset this season. playing good football early. logan thomas is like a surgeon out there. perfect strike to cory fuller who will bang into the end zone. tech takes the early 7-0 lead. good times wouldn't last for the hokies. clemson up 10-7 and thomas throws a perfect pass to the defender. jonathan meeks with the interception. he's got some speed. burning down the sidelines, 74 yards on the return. clemson runs away with the win. 38- 38-17. hokies now 4-4 on the year. mike london is pumped, and thomas jefferson is pumped. uva hosting wake forest. wake up 7-0, phillip sims drops back, finds tim smith. smith finds the end zone. wahoos tie it at 7. uva down 16-10. they're driving here. sims drops back, and lost one. wait for us, we'll get it. kevin johnson with the int and the demon deek ans hold on to win it 16-10 is the final over the wahoos. . high five for homecoming at annapolis. they trail 34-30 late in the fourth quarter. keenan reynolds is going for matt aiken, a four-
as to charlottesville to face slumping virginia. virginia tech hosts duke at 12:30 seen right here on fox 5. >>> tonight navy with a rare friday night tilt under the lights trying to get to 3-3. back to .500 on the season taking on central michigan. opening drive for the midshipmen, keenan reynolds fakes the halfback pass and throws it, finds the back of the end zone. brandon turner for the touchdown, a 23-yard strike. navy takes a 7-0 lead. 3rd quarter reynolds takes the handoff and throws it deep, green, 41-yard strike. navy cruises to a 31-13 victory. >>> it's 6-4 nats in the 7th still out there at nats park. brian is back to wrap up the edge after this. are you ready ? share everything by turning your smartphone into a mobile hotspot for up to 8 wifi-enabled devices at no extra charge. like the new droid razr m by motorola only $99.99. >>> taking the edge off with a new level of fame for jayson werth. the nationals outfielder leapt onto home plate after his walkoff home run last night. now he's an internet celebrity. blogers photoshopped this picture showing him crossing home plate on a panda, on a
on the campus of virginia tech. they took on a number of heated issues. economy, defense cuts, women's reproductive rights, and social security. >> i will battle against the privatization of social security too thin and narrow. social security -- tooth and nail. social security has ended -- has been designed to help seniors not live in poverty. >> we need to make some reforms to social security. the age of eligibility can be increased for those who are younger than age 50. >> they are vying for the chance to succeed jim webb. moving on to the race for president, both candidates took a break, so to speak, from hard court battles to attend the dinner. president obama and mitt romney donned their talks this -- tuxes. they traded some light-hearted barbs. the dinner is a required stop for politicians ever since the end of world war ii. >> a different kind of political battle is going on in fairfax county. you will not believe the extremes to folks are protect -- are taking to protect their right to free speech. a new bombshell in the secret se >> new revelations tonight about the secret
:37. mike, andrea? >> cannot wait. thanks, kristin. >>> other news, the president of virginia tech could soon be the target of a lawsuit linked to the virginia tech massacre. the parents of two students killed in the massacre successfully sued the state for their deaths of their daughters in 2007. the parents are asking the state supreme court to overturn a lower court ruling which excluded the president charles steiger from their suit. the students were among 33 people killed on campus in that massacre. >>> today two of the three suspects charged in the beating of a capitol hill man are due in court. tommy branch and sonny kutiere are charged with an attack that severely injured thomas maslin. maslin remains hospitalized more than a month after the attack. >>> updating our breaking news story from thursday morning, four children and their grandmother are dead after a rowhouse fire in baltimore. we now know more about the victims, including 2-year-old keniah scott and her 4-year-old brother daryl stuart iii. they were all in one bedroom. their grandmother was screaming for help from the
webb. the hour long debate starts tonight at 7:00 and virginia tech -- at virginia tech in blacksburg. we'll be streaming it live on our website >>> and in maryland there will be a debate tonight for the sixth congressional district race. incumbent congressman ross company bartlet and democratic challenger john delaney will go head to head. that's what happened at hagerstown community college in the keppler auditorium at 7:00 p.m. >>> it's coming unon 6:35. -- up on 6:35. jessica doyle is back. >> she's watching your money and student loan debt. >> college seniors are looking at the situation where they're saying college student loan piling up at record levels. you can blame rising tuition and a tough job market for the bump in student loan debt among new grads. last year the average college student graduated with nearly $27,000 in outstanding loans. that's up 5% from the year before. the institute for college access and success projects says tuition fees, the availability of financial aid and the cost of living all factoring into the amount of debt that students are piling
to make a final appeal to voters. news4's richard jordan live on the virginia tech campus in blacksburg tonight for us. richard? >> reporter: jim, this is an important race, because not only will it determine who will represent virginia in the senate, but will determine which party gets the edge in congress. right now, tim kaine has a lead in the polls, just a slight one. so george allen still has a chance to make up the difference. supporters show signs of allegiance before the debate tonight. they'll appear together for the last time before the election. each will take their position at the podiums on the virginia tech campus. the former governors slated to debate the issues they say divides them. jay warren is the moderator. >> this is their last opportunity to reach a statewide audience. it's a key moment for them. >> reporter: the economy and jobs, the primary focus in the four previous debates. >> too many virginians -- >> reporter: and defense cuts will likely be a hot topic tonight. virginia could lose thousands of jobs if they cannot agree to a package that prevents cuts to the
through the rest of the upcoming week. the hokies of virginia tech are hosting the blue devils from duke university in blacksburg today. it's a 12:30 kickoff. sunny and cool. it's home coming in bowie, maryland today. virginia state is taking on the bulldogs in bowie. it is a 1:30 kickoff there. 62 degrees. perfect weather for home coming. >> and on a local level shout out to herndon high school. it's their home coming as well today. i play basketball. i know. i wasn't in the running. just put it that way. >> leave it at that. >> the time right now is 6:53. up next a special look at tonight's host of "saturday night live." >> plus the unique bond between furry friends that has become an internet sensation. you're watching news 4 today. >>> this fall weather is the perfect setting for the annual fall festival today. more than 400 craft booths will sell art. there will also be live music and oktoberfest beer garden and of course some great food. the 36th annual fall festival is free to attend and goes on from 10:00 this morning to 5:00 p.m. this afternoon. >>> tonight on nbc 4 christina ap
sports. >> thank you, dave. >>> an upset alert in big 12. west virginia on the road taking on texas tech. 7 yard touchdown pass to bailey. but it would be all texas tech in this game. the completion to kinnard. 16 yards for the score. six touchdown passes today. red raiders upset the mountaineers. virginia tech hosting duke that's been surprisingly good this season. duke jumped out to a big league, 20-0 in the first quarter. the hokies roaring back with unanswered points. 86 yard touchdown run. that is a beauty. hokies win 41-20. >>> to the nfl, dating back to last season, washington redskins have now lost 8 straight games at home. tomorrow they have a chance to stop that skid when they host the minnesota vikings. as we told you earlier in the show, it appears rg3 will start despite suffering a concussion last week. in order to keep rg3 from getting crushed, the skins should make their running game a priority, despite the vikings defense giving up one rushing touchdown all season. alfred morris who put up a season high 115 yard last weekend just wants to help his team any way he can. >>
department of virginia tech bang and a distinguished professor here. behind us is a southwest virginia crowd filling the haymarket theater here in the student center. we welcome them and welcome all of you. not only across southwest virginia and the commonwealth, by coming to nationwide from coverage on c-span. tonight is your opportunity to hear directly from candidates, unfiltered and unedited. it is our hope this will be a lively hour that explores new ground in this campaign and forces the candidates to really face the issues that not only are troubling our commonwealth but also our entire country. at the and we hope you'll be able to go into the voting booth on november 6 and macon in mall -- a more informed decision. it is my honor now to introduce them to you. it in the interest of time, i asked are very enthusiastic crowd will applaud only twice tonight so we can get as many questions in at possible. at the end of the debate as well as the beginning as we meet our candidates. we will begin with a republican, hailing from mount vernon, virginia, former governor and senator of virginia
for tonight's debate. joining me also has to be the chairman of virginia tech, and a professor here. behind us is a very lively and enthusiastic southwest virginia crowd filling the theater. we welcome them, and we welcome all of you. not only across all of southwest virginia and the commonwealth, but coming to you nationwide on c-span. tonight is your opportunity to hear directly from the candidates, unfiltered and unedited. it is our hope that this will be a lively hour, one that will explore new ground and forces the candidates to really face the issues that are not only troubling here, but our entire country. you will be able to vote on november 6, making a more informed and educated decision. it is my honor to introduce them to you. in the interest of time, we have asked our audience to not applaud tonight -- only at the end of the debate and at the beginning of the debate. the former governor and senator of virginia, george allen. now, the democrat in this race, from richmond, virginia, a former governor of virginia, tim kaine. i think i told you we have an enthusiastic crowd. we do. tha
attacks on that trail. >>> the parents of two virginia tech students who sued the state for their daughter's deaths now want to take the university's president to court. the women were among 32 faculty and students who died during the 2007 campus massacre. attorneys want the state supreme court to overturn a judge's ruling that dismissed president charles steeger from their wrongful death lawsuit. in march, a jury found the state negligent. >>> it is do or die for the nats. they must beat the cardinals today or their season will end. the cards ruined the nationals' first home playoff game yesterday, winning 8-0. st. louis now leads the best of five series. ross detwiler will start today, and face kyle lohse. let's do it, nats. outfielder jayson werth says he still likes the team's chances in the series. manager davy johnson said after the game that we're not out of this by a long shot. fans are also trying to remain positive. they got their own theories about what it will take for the nats to win. >> pitching's got to turn around. they turn around the pitching, defense, hitting, they got t
will square off in their final debate before election day. the debate will take place on the virginia tech campus. political analysts don't expect neither fireworks tonight. they say neither candidate will take much of a risk because the race is so close. recent polls show the democrat tim kaine with a slight lead over republican allen. >>> some sad news from the world of politics this morning. george mcgovern's family says the former democratic senator is near death. family members say the 90ear-old is no longer responsive in hospice care. his daughter says her father appears "restful and peaceful." mcgovern ran for president in 1972. he lost to richard nixon in a landslide. >>> breaking news now, a drone strike killed at least seven suspected al qaeda militants. security officials say overnight strikes targeted a gathering of militants on a farm outside of town that was once an al qaeda stronghold. the official says it was likely an american drone that fired several rockets at the group. this is the second drone attack this month. the first killed five suspected al qaeda gunmen. >> this
election day. it takes place at 7:00 on the virginia tech campus. tim kaine holds a slight lead over allen in recent polls. both hope to replace jim webb. bob mcdonnell will join allen on the campaign trail next week. both men will visit northern virginia on tuesday and hampton roads the following thursday. this will be the first time mcdonnell has campaigned for allen since june. the governor has hosted fundraisers for the senate candidate since then. >>> with just 19 days to go before the election, president obama and mitt romney are spending time courting voters in critical battleground states. today the president heads to new hampshire. tomorrow, he will be in northern virginia. here you can see he visited ohio yesterday, talking to a crowd of about 14,000 college students at ohio university. the president brought up mitt romney's binder of women comments from tuesday's debate. it referred to romney's remarks of finding women to fill cabinet spots in massachusetts. >> see, we don't have to order up some binders to find qualified, talented, driven young women to learn and teach and thri
and the video tonight has gone viral. charlie ii was made at virginia tech. he's been used to research and develop a fire fighting robot one day. clearly doing more than that in the meantime. the gangnam style dance is meant to show how the robot can move. >>> and eight-time grammy winner adele is singing lullabies tonight. rumor has it, the singer has given birth to a baby boy. "people" is reporting the birth happened on friday. she's ecstatic with her new arrival. no word on the baby's name yet. adele who just released the new james bond theme song is laying low with her new baby. we want to hear from you. which pictures, people and quotes caught your attention? let us know at or just tweet me, @davidmuir. >>> and coming up, what happens when you go out and ask people who won the first lady debate, between michelle obama and ann romney. you won't believe what happened when late night took that you won't believe what happened when late night took that question to the street. stay at. while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis
virginia tech and blacksburg. this is going to slowly lift off toward the north so later on today, more like mid- to late afternoon, that's when we could be seeing some of those showers move in from southwestern areas up toward maybe areas north and west of town a better chance than east. 40s and 50s out there this morning. win chester is 45. easton is 51. pax river naval air station near 60 but it's 39 in garrett county. outside on our michael & son weather camera, quiet this morning. partly cloudy skies, calm winds. humidity 80% and the temperature downtown 55 degrees. storm system down in louisiana, the deep south, you see this thing really spinning here. actually low pressure looks like it's moved in toward areas in southern mississippi. rain shield out ahead of it into tennessee, georgia. a line of showers and storms moving into western florida and this is going to be headed off toward the north more than the east. looks like we'll be on the warm side of this storm. so today maybe temperatures struggling to get into the low 70s as the clouds roll in by noon. maybe sun this afternoo
. >> reporter: neal peckens and his friend jason hiser both 32 went to veterinary school together at virginia tech. the friends decided to go on a hiking trip out west, expected to fly home friday, but never boarded their plane. the rental car found at park. by saturday montana officials launched an extensive search. weather conditions made it difficult. you can see the thick fog in this photo taken monday by a webcam at a spot in the park called two medicine where the men began their hike last tuesday. hate monday afternoon searchers found the men -- late monday afternoon searchers found meant and airlifted them out of the park. >> said they fell down a -- he said they fell down ava reason and were not able to get -- a ravine and were not able to get back up the trail to get out. >> reporter: they used their overnight gear to survive the freezing nights. one piece of equipment they didn't have, a gps tracking device. >> he's now probably getting six for christmas. >> reporter: kathy still can't take neil's shirt off. it brought her comfort these past self days, but now knowing her son and
debate will take place next week at virginia tech. >>> the airwaves are already filled with ads on the expanded gambling debate in maryland. now the fight over same-sex marriage is coming to your tv too. >> everyone is entitled to love and respect. but nobody is entitled to redefine marriage. vote against question 6. >> that is the first ad from the maryland marriage alliance which opposes same-sex marriage. question 6 on the state's ballot. marylanders for marriage equality will begin airing ads in support of the question starting tomorrow. they watched monday night football last night to raise money for question 6. maryland, maine, and washington state are all holding referendums next month. >>> today is the last day d.c. residents can register to vote by mail. people on must postmark voter registration applications by today. applications are available online and at public libraries, firehouses and police stations. anyone who misses today's deadline can still register to vote during early voting and on election at their polling place. the election is tuesday, november 6th. >>>
capped off by this touchdown run by coleman. virginia tech wins 4 1-20. and today at fedex field, all eyes on robert griffin iii as the redskins host the vikings. he suffered a concussion in last week wees game. he plans on playing the same aggressive style of football but will keep his safety in mind. i promised i would get up from hits like that and i got up, so i don't have anything to prove. if you to live to play another down, then you live to play another down. >> they kick off at 4:15 this afternoon. >> hope your sunday a good one. >> thanks. plenty of national fans were disappointing when the team's stunning collapsed happen, but one man was especially heart broken. he is 99 years old, and he was there the last time they were in a world series. he says he really likes the national's squad and believes the team has what it takes to win next year's world series. >> if they can keep the team, without getting rid of the talent they have, i know it's expensive, but the talent is made up of, in the five years, of good players. >> he knows baseball. he will turn 100 next month. he wa
alhelp in the final debate. they have already debated twice and tonight's match-up is at virginia tech in blacksburg and starts at 7:00. >>> a reminder for you. we have a new show that is debuting as election day approaches t will focus on both local and national candidates and issues during the final two weeks of the campaign. it all starts on monday at 6:30:00 p.m. right here on fox 5. >>> later on this were nothing, nearly 600,000 people in virginia will take part in the first ever great southeast shake-out day. the event hopes to better inform people about earthquake safety and prepared innocence encouraging people to remember drop, cover and hold on. the event is also taking place in maryland, d.c. and north carolina. >>> some more bad news for cyclist lance armstrong. coming up next, details of who was cutting ties with the legend now. >>> the death toll continues to rise in the meningitis outbreak and now a public official may have the virus. we are checking more headlines coming up next.  [ male announcer ] we the people, the middle class, who move our country f
in blacksburg at virginia tech on campus. the two former governors are trying to succeed jim webb. polls show a tight race between the two. >> violent crime is up nationwide. a new survey finds the violent crime rate rose 17% last year. that ended a general decline in violence which began 20 years ago. analysts say is too early to tell if it is an anomaly or if it might signal a turnaround of a sustained drop in violent crime. >> the texas attorneys general's office has dropped bigamy charges against warren jeffs the polygamist leader. he is already serving a life prison sentence. he was convicted of sexually assaulting a two underage girls that he considered his bride. the charges came after authorities raided his ranch in 2008. a main high school ikea coach whose name appeared on a list of men who paid a fitness instructor for sex is leaving his job now. police released the names of 21 suspected clients and are planning to release more names. her other clients include a former mayor and several businessmen. she has pleaded not guilty to prostitution and other charges. >> the world's oldest
and it is intercepted. virginia falls to wake forest 16-10. they have lost six in a row. >>> virginia tech on the road against 19th ranked clemson. logan thomas from the shotgun, overthrown and picked off. meeks outruns every one. clemson wins 38-17. >>> navy winning with their win over indiana, 31-30. huge homecoming victory. freshman keenan reynolds threw the game winning touchdown pass with over two minutes left, and i got to tell you, the stadium just went crazy. >>> the skins take on the giants this afternoon, and in the spirit of tomorrow's third and final presidential debate, we bring you the off the wall debate. the players, wisdom martin, dave ross, and guest moderator, tony perkins. >> hello, everybody. welcome to this special 2012 election edition of off the wall. we have a debate planned for you, want to present the two candidates representing the burgandy party, dave ross, sportscaster extraordinaire. and wisdom martin, anchor extraordinaire. mr.ross, you have won the coin toss. we will start with you. the question for this debate is about robert griffin iii. should he run or not run, spe
by temperatures are really going to start to take a tumble. virginia tech the hokies on the road in chapel hill taking on the tar heels today. summer lingers down and across the tar heel state. 80 degrees at kickoff, at 12:30 this afternoon. more of your college football forecast coming up. back to you. >> thanks. >>> later today a massive demonstrations expected in maryland in support of the dream act. hundreds are set to march in support of the law which would help undocumented immigrants afford higher education. news 4's derrick ward is live at langley park where the rally is going to begin and has more on today's none administration. >> reporter: good morning. i'm going to borrow from the words of john lennon. you may see they are dreamers but they are not the only one. a thousand people plan to take part in a march today in the name of justice, dignity, and access to higher education. the maryland dream act provides in state tuition rates to maryland's immigrant children regardless of their immigration status provided they've been living in maryland for three years, attending high school i
was there from '82 to '86. i went to virginia tech. >> big difference between us, hoda actually graduated. >> i'm a little nervous. we're going to play this game called are you smarter than a college student? >> we'll tell you right now, no, we're not. i couldn't even do my kid's math after fourth grade. it's really sad. >> i hear there are going to be some tri delts playing against us. >> no, the other one. >> that's ki o. so listen. if you guys want to know what was hip back when we were in school, it's just sort of sad. these are the kinds of things that we had. we had a sony old-fashioned walkman. >> walkman. >> what about -- do you have the phone on yours? >> yes, somewhere. oh, look at this. this is how we communicated, with a rotary phone. they're very cool. >> a typewriter. >> this is how we typed. >> back in the day. >> our backs broke carrying textbooks around. and you don't remember white-out because you just delete everything. is this at all fascinating? >> no, it's boring. here's the thing. you guys can do everything you want on one little device. this iphone. you could do everythi
fair in hanover county. he's a virginiainateive when graduated from virginia tech and is survived by his wife, mother, sister, and step brother. the funeral arrangements have not been released. >>> family and friends gathered in fairfax this afternoon for a vigil for a missing teenager. the 17-year-old brian glen has been missing since monday morning. he was last seen dropping his younger brother off at w.t. woodson hospital. the police found his car a mile and a half away and they reviewing surveillance video from a nearby duncan donuts. the police found a receipt in glen's car time stamped at 8:00 a.m. monday morn -- monday morning. >>> in tonight's health alert, officials have identified a third patient infected with fungal meningitis after receiving a steroids injection. it's killed seven people and sickened more than 60 people across nine states. health officials say the contaminated shots may have been delivered to as many as 23 states. and they fear thousands more could have been exposed. >>> the latest on the focus of the washington baseball fan. tomorrow, 79 years to the
, virginia tech. it does not really lead to good things. >> we are joined by noaa molotch, a professor of geography at the university of colorado. we are also joined by clearly be. her district includes denver. welcome to the show. state representative levy comet explain the process and why the university of colorado is changing their lot? >> it 2003, the state legislature changed a lot to preempt all local control over where a person can carry a concealed weapon. there was some ambiguity about whether it included college campuses. the university of colorado challenged that law because they felt they should have control over weapons on their campus. in march, the colorado supreme court ruled that they were printed, that they could not make own rules, and there for concealed weapons would be allowed on any public diversity or college in colorado. my legislation would put the decision back in the hands of the people who are responsible for the safety of students and faculty on their campuses. >> why do you say universities should be exempt from the state law? if >> they are responsible f
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